Wild Wheels Thrill Arena

We are dedicated to the Preservation of the Lost Art of Traveling Carnival Entertainment

It's Race Time, it's Go Time That Siren means it's SHOWTIME at the Wild Wheels Thrill Arena. Every hour on the hour we will provide Good Old American Entertainment. This is the same Thrill Show that your Grandparents took your Parents to see on the Carnival when they were kids! There are Very Few things in this World that do not change and a Wall of Death Thrill Show is one of them!

Our Show is G Rated Family Entertainment! There are few things that Entertain everyone regardless of age! We provide Thrilling Family Friendly Entertainment. We use Antique Indian Motocycles, Vintage Harley Davidsons and Racing Go Karts, just as have been being used in Wall of Death Shows for 100 years!

 At the heyday of this type of Entertainment there were almost 100 Shows like ours traveling the Nation. One on EVERY Carnival lot. Sadly, there are only a handful of Shows remaining in the U.S.A. We are keeping alive a small piece of the 'Lost Magic of America' and we want to Entertain You! Whether for a one day Event or a Multi Week Festival Wild Wheels Thrill Arena will Thrill and Entertain you with our Show!

 Please contact us for details.